Height: 6′                                                                                    Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency

Weight: 195                                                                               6300 West Loop South Ste. 350

Hair: Red/gray                                                                           Bellaire, TX 77401

Eyes: Brown                                                                              713/266-4488 Fax 713/266-3314

Date of Photo : 8/07



The Assault of the Wayne                Ships Radioman                   Universal Studios

The Love God with Don Knotts        Carl the Hippie                      Universal Studios

Southern Fried                                  Bubba                                     20th Century Fox

Puncture                                  Fire Chief Wilson                 Kannsen Brothers



United Way                                        OC                                          808 Productions

Conoco Phillips                                 VOC                                       Wave Films

Life Choice                                      VOC                                      Beef&Pie Prod.

Physicians Mutual                        VOC                                   True North Prod.


AT&T Connect                 Theodore J. Hodgson III                 6FT. Studios

Exxon of America                              VOC                                       Exxon Film Prod.

Shell                                                    VOC                                       Roy Varner Prod.

Taking Action III                                 VOC                                       Locke Bryan Prod.

Daycation Escape                            National Spokesperson       Stress Seminars



Desperate Moderns                         Alton                                       Diverse Works-Houston

Bedtime Story                                   Mulligan                                  Hollywood, California

The Wake of Nellie McCabe           Tom McCabe                        Hollywood, California


PRINT WORK                 Cover July 2011 Texas Monthly     Randal Ford,  Austin, Texas



Laff Spot, Laff Stop                           Stand Up                                Houston, Texas

Spellbinders                                 Stand  Up                           Houston, Texas

The Improv                                         Stand Up                                Dallas, Santa Monica, Las Vegas

Wacky World of Comedy                 Stand Up                                Red Lion Casinos, Nevada

Comedy Train European Tour         Stand Up                                Bergen, Amsterdam, Utrecht

2005 Awards Show                          Host and Emcee                   Greater Houston Builder’s Assoc.



Sam Houston University, Drama                                                     Huntsville, Texas

The New Studio for Actors                                                               Santa Monica, California

The Comedy Gym                                                                             Austin, Texas