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The Bean Truck Story




“Non-stop funny! Deja-vu for me. I love the places he took us and how we got there. A Classic story!”

Ron Kenney
Stand-up comedian and author

“What a ride! Bravo on colorful characters, memorable phrases, and just plain fun. Somebody should make a movie out of this. You capture an era and plunk the reader right down in the middle of it. Your description of food made me hungry.”

Sam Havens
University of St. Thomas Professor Emeritus and playwright

“’Half Crazy’ is a roller coaster of a book and a total delight. You completely captured those insane days and nights of LA in the sixties. Those were some very strange and unique times and somehow you were able to pull those moments out of your brain and put them on paper. I applaud you. Congratulations. You put Pasadena, Texas on the map.”

Larry Cansler
Acclaimed music arranger and author

“I love your sense of humor, It’s incredible. I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading in public. So, I was able to share your humor with some people.”

Tana Quaid
Talent agent

“This book would be like “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac if Jack had been this funny!”

Sammy King
World renowned ventriloquist and author


  1. bojohnson says:

    August 31st, 2011at 10:38 pm(#)

    ” A wild ride from HOLLYWOOD to HOUSTON in the late 1960’s. All about SEX,DRUGS,ROCK & ROLL and WHISKEY. It’s a love story.”

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